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Raising concerns about autism symptoms…..

Our turnaround assessments time can be around four weeks if our visits and assessments can be booked within that period at a time to suit all involved.

Is stress keeping you awake at night?

Stress is a feeling known to many. It can keep you awake at night, make you irritable and have physical effects.
But will stress have long-lasting effects on your wellbeing?

Heart disease – what is it and how can we treat it?

Heart disease and circulation problems are very common and many people will be aware of the conditions and potential impact on lives – but could YOU recognise the symptoms and do you know what treatments are available?

Annual health checks all the more important!

A cough or a temperature sparks anxiety due to the risk of COVID – but our health is important all the time, and prevention is key.

Lasting Power of Attorney and the importance of a Memory Clinic

Planning for the worst is something most of us are not very good at but it must be faced and dealt with so everyone knows what your wishes are should you become incapable of making decisions for yourself.

World Cancer Day – February 4th

COVID has been the major concern over the past year but cancer is still with us – one of the major diseases we continue to battle with and, unfortunately, still a significant killer. Which is why World Cancer Day is an important date on the calendar every year.

We are now a member of Shropshire Chamber!

Our team at Summerfield Healthcare is delighted to be playing a leading role in the local community – so you can imagine just how pleased we are to bring you the news that we are now a member of the Shropshire Chamber.

Supporting women in pregnancy…

Summerfield Healthcare has pledged to support the world’s leading charity working to stop group B Strep infection in babies.
Group B Streptococcus (Also known as GBS or Group B Strep) is a bacteria that is carried by 20 to 40 per cent of women in the UK. It is not harmful, however, can affect the newborn baby if the mother is carrying the bacteria around the time of birth.

Covid testing – your questions answered…

There are now various COVID-19 tests available and they can be obtained in a number of different ways.
But, what is the difference between the COVID-19 tests available and which one do you need?

Dry January – a timely reminder for a health check!

It’s that time of year! The excesses of Christmas and New Year are taking their toll with alcohol consumption top of the list – that is why Dry January is so important.

Patient satisfaction – an essential service!

Patient satisfaction is important in every industry - but when it comes to healthcare it’s essential! We continually strive to ensure our practice and the service we provide to patients…

Free Consultations at Men’s Health Clinic

Men’s Health Clinic at Summerfield Healthcare from November 2020. Free male GP consultations available. Book today.