Keeping an eye on your health

November 21 2021   |   News

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Many women, as they grow older, begin to focus more on nutrition, health, fitness and physical and mental wellbeing.

The trigger to this is often hitting a landmark birthday and research shows that 40, more than any other landmark birthday, seems to mark the moment when we reassess our health.


But there can be barriers to the lifestyle that women are working towards, including perimenopause, which is not unlike puberty in terms of changes in a woman’s body and mind.

Women may experience heavy bleeding, irregular periods, heavy cramping, longer or shorter duration and changes in frequency.

Around 40, it is also common to start experiencing drier skin as the body’s production of elastin and collagen starts dropping, and skin cell turnover dramatically reduces. This can lead to more dullness, dryness and fine lines and wrinkles.

Unhealthy habits and lifestyle changes

And with hectic schedules, inconsistent health-care patterns, and unhealthy habits, many people can suffer hypertension, diabetes, and even heart disease.

For those making a conscious effort to focus on their lifestyle and maintain a regular health check schedule, it can be difficult if common women’s health issues cause problems.

Women’s Health Clinics

Our Women’s Health clinics run in both Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton with specialised female GPs who can chat through any problems and work with you to find solutions.

Services include:

  • Menopause management, HRT & Osteoporosis
  • Cervical screening or ‘smear test’
  • All types of gynaecological problems including periods
  • Breast examinations and early detection of breast cancer
  • Healthy heart, blood pressure, blood tests and BMI checks
  • HPV vaccination

Should you have any concerns about any aspect of your health you can speak confidentially to one of our female GPs in the clinic, and we can offer blood tests and referrals to specialists if needed.