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Early Dementia Detection

"If Dementia is diagnosed early, more can be done to delay progress of the disease"
National Audit Office (2010) Improving Dementia Services in England: An interim report.
"NHS Memory clinics often have significant waiting times until assessments can be arranged,
the wait for the first assessment can be 32 weeks, with waiting times increasing year on year."

Royal College of Psychiatrists National Audit of Memory clinics (2014)

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Early Diagnosis Of Dementia

The signs and symptoms of dementia can sometimes be subtle and develop gradually. However, dementia is progressive and the symptoms will get worse over time.

The spreed of progression varies greatly from person to person.

Summerfield Memory Assessment Centre can help diagnose early any cognitive problems and early diagnosis of memory difficulties can give a patient a treatment advantage.

Although there is no cure for dementia, the medications available for treatment of dementia have been shown to slow the progression of symptoms.

NHS Memory clinics often have significant waiting times until assessments can be arranged.

Benefits Of An Early Diagnosis

There are many reasons why you should seek a diagnosis as early as possible.

Potentially a patient can be started on treatment sooner.

Summerfield Memory Assessment Centre can rule out other causes of memory problems like depression and anxiety, infections, vitamin deficiencies.

Without the lengthy wait often associated with the NHS, Summerfield Memory Assessment Centre provide short notice early dementia detection for anyone who is displaying signs of dementia or memory problems.

Why Choose Summerfield Healthcare

We are a leading provider of Private Mental Health Services for older adults offering an immediate access to a Specialist Team consisting of Qualified Mental Health Nurses and a Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment in dementia conditions, without the need for a referral from your GP.

Unlike many other service providers our multidisciplinary team is led by Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist Dr Chandrashekar Basavaraj, a vastly experienced old age psychiatrist who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of dementia.

We aim to provide a comprehensive diagnosis quickly as an early diagnosis is key to any course of treatment that may be required.

Our team carry out a full review including a detailed assessment by our specialist nurses and consultant, brain scans, blood tests and individually tailored investigations specific to your needs.

We review clients at our easily accessible Shrewsbury consulting rooms.

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To book a patient in to our memory clinic, choose to fill in the contact form, email your enquiry to enquiries@summerfieldhealthcare.co.uk or call our reception team on 0333 9000 010. Summerfield Healthcare’s medical reception team are specially trained to deal with all enquiries in a professional, prompt & private manner.

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Dr Chandrashekar Basavaraj

Dr Chandrashekar Basavaraj

A consultant psychiatrist on the GMC specialist register in old age psychiatry Dr Chandrashekar Basavaraj has special recognition of his experience in dealing with mental illness in the elderly admitted on medical/surgical wards (Liaison Old Age Psychiatry endorsement). Dr Basavaraj works in Cwm Taf University Health Board in South Wales and teaches/trains junior doctors and medical students locally (Cardiff university).

Dr Basavaraj has mastered specialist skills in assessment, diagnosis and medication treatment of dementia, anxiety, depression, phobias and psychotic disorders in the elderly. His approach towards assessing older people is friendly and open. Due to the lack of information and taboo associated with mental illness and dementia Dr Basavaraj believes in a collaborative environment, allowing carers sufficient time to ask questions and express concerns during assessments.

Dr Basavaraj is approved under Section 12(2) of the mental health act 1983 as having special experience in assessment and management of mental disorders. He carries out fitness to drive assessments in conjunction with a psychologist and makes recommendations to DVLA regarding a person’s fitness to drive post diagnosis of dementia. Dr Basavaraj prepares Court of Protection (COP3) documents enabling patients to identify and formalise a Power of Attorney to make decisions about their finances and health.

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