Nationwide Private Dementia Assessments 

In clinic, virtual and home visits

There are multiple causes for impaired cognitive (brain) function and navigating the different services one step at a time is both confusing and time-consuming. Waiting for a referral, then blood tests, then a scan and finally follow up dementia appointments feel very disjointed and frustrating, not to mention, it takes a long time to get one.

Our private dementia service includes everything needed to reach an accurate diagnostic decision, at a fixed price and an expert report which will be accepted by the NHS. Usually, we have private dementia appointments to start the process within a week of booking and typically we complete our assessment pathway within a month 

All blood tests

Urine analysis

ECG (heart monitor)

2. Cognitive assessment 

We use the Addenbrookes assessment tool – this can be done in person or virtually and assesses recall, recognition, awareness and performance.

The Addenbrookes assessment is recognised as the most appropriate validated tool for use in specialist memory services in the United Kingdom (Hodges & Larner, 2017)

3. Imaging 

Included in the fee is imaging by CT or MRI scan (depending on age) – this provides objective, measurable information about the structure of the brain. 

4. Specialist review and diagnosis

We arrange a concluding consultation (in person or virtually) with a Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist who specialises in dementia diagnosis.  

5. Prescription

When applicable we provide a private prescription for any medication needed for the first six weeks (the cost of the medication is charged by the dispensing pharmacy). 

6. Expert report

This comprehensive document draws together all the different sources of information to explain the diagnostic decision reached. This will be sent on to the patient’s GP and can be used to set out the care needs of the patient too.  

Summerfield Healthcare therefore provides every element of the dementia assessment process, which we organise and co-ordinate promptly and at a fixed cost. In this way you can secure a diagnostic decision which follows NICE guidelines, undertaken by specialists and which will be recognised by the NHS.  

If the dementia assessment won’t be applicable, we also offer a Capacity Assessment that determines whether an individual has the capacity to make a particular decision at a particular time. Click on the below for further information.


What happens at our Memory Clinic?

What is the process?

Consultant Appointment and Diagnosis


Dementia medication

Medication can improve or delay symptoms of dementia and, subject to a diagnosis, is usually prescribed within a month of your initial booking.

How will Anti-dementia Medication Help?

There is currently no cure for dementia, but there are medicines and other treatments that can help with dementia symptoms.

Evidence shows that medication can have an important role in the treatment of certain types of dementia (Alzheimer’s Dementia, Mixed Alzheimer’s and Vascular dementia with predominant Alzheimer’s component, Dementia in Lewy body Disease-DLB and Parkinson’s dementia) seeking to address problems with cognition, activities of daily living and psychotic symptoms in DLB and Parkinson’s dementia.

How effective is the anti-dementia medication?

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is the best source of evidence on effectiveness. Their appraisal is currently being revisited but they have concluded that, for people with mild-to moderate Alzheimer’s Disease there is a range of medications that have had positive impacts on cognition.

Further information can be found here:

How is anti-dementia medication started?

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidance states that a person can only start using these medications with a prescription from a specialist in dementia care.

Following the comprehensive assessment by our Consultant Psychiatrists and their team, including blood tests, formal assessments of memory skills and scans to rule out any reversible causes for the memory problems they can decide if medication is appropriate.

Our Consultant Psychiatrist is able to prescribe mediation if appropriate and we can arrange to have it delivered to your chosen address without the need for you to attend a pharmacist. Summerfield Memory Assessment Centre works with a leading Pharmacy company to ensure that your medication is dispensed and delivered safely.

As we are a private service, prescription charges would apply which you will be informed of prior to any medication being issued. This charge will be payable direct to the pharmacy.

Why choose Summerfield Healthcare?

How do I book?

To enquire about our Memory Clinic,
complete our contact form,
call 0333 9000 010, or
email [email protected].

Our team are specially trained to deal with your enquiry in a professional, private and prompt manner.

How do I arrange a home visit?

Contact us via telephone, email or complete the contact form with your requirements. We are able to arrange for a healthcare professional to attend any postcode in the UK. At the visit the blood samples will be obtained, urine sample tested and ECG undertaken. We may also be able to undertake the Addenbrookes assessment as well. This leave only the scan to attend. The appointment with our expert psychiatrist will be virtual.

This is not available to book online however we can readily provide a quote for a home visit for you to consider. We are happy to travel. 

What is the cost?

Dementia Assessment/ Formal Diagnosis

Series of assessments with our memory clinic team including physical examination, ECG and blood tests.
Includes CT or MRI scan at a private hospital near you, dependant upon age and presentation. Consultation and further diagnostic tests
Formal diagnosis
Private prescription for 6 weeks of anti-dementia medication to start (where applicable)


6-Week Review

There is an option to return for a 6-week review with the consultant where a further prescription
can be issued for 6 weeks’ worth of medication.


12-Week Review

There is an option to return for a 12-week review with the consultant where a further
prescription can be issued for 12 weeks’ worth of medication.


6-Month Review

There is an option to return for a 6-month review, where a further Addenbrooks assessment and
review with the consultant will be carried out and a further prescription can be issued for 6
months’ worth of medication.


Annual review

Following an initial appointment, there is an option to return for an annual review, where a
further Addenbrooks assessment and review with the consultant will be carried out and a further
prescription can be issued for one years’ worth of medication.


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the team

Dr Arpita Chakraborty

Consultant Psychiatrist | Cardiff

Dr Arpita Chakraborty is a Consultant Psychiatrist that has particular interest and expertise in the and diagnosis of psychiatric disorders including Alzheimer’s dementia, vascular dementia, Frontotemporal dementia, Lewy Body dementia and Parkinson’s disease dementia.

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