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Private Medical Consultation in Wolverhampton & Shrewsbury

Waiting for an appointment with a specialist consultant can be stressful, especially if you feel your concern is more urgent than the way it is being treated by NHS GP. At Summerfield Healthcare your health and wellbeing are our primary concern. That’s why we offer confidential, flexible, competitively priced private consultations that are tailored to your needs and schedule.

Every private consultation is handled by one of our highly trained and experienced consultants who will give you the proper time your case requires. They will listen to any symptoms, descriptions, or concerns you may have and do a full examination before coming to any conclusions. Every consultation is tailored to your needs and based around what you need from your consultant.

Our consultant team works from our sites in Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton. Our fully CQC registered Private practices offer a wide range of private consultant services.

Consultant Services

This is not a full list of our consultant services and if you don’t see your condition or concern on our list, please contact us to find out more about how we can assist you personally.

Unlike using NHS services, when you choose our private consultant services you do not usually need a referral and you can self-refer directly to the consultant you need to see. You also won’t need to worry about long waiting times, limited or rushed time with your consultant, or difficult systems that need to be worked around. Our consultants are perfectly placed to see you quickly and easily and refer you further where necessary.

Why choose Summerfield Healthcare’s consultants?

  • Enjoy longer appointments where you are prioritised and not pressured or rushed
  • Self-referrals are welcome
  • No requirement for registration with an NHS service
  • Continuous care from a single consultant instead of seeing different consultants or locum doctors
  • Urgent consultations are available
  • Scheduling is more flexible and appointments can be made to suit your schedule
  • Consultants are professional, sensitive, and discreet
  • Comfortable and modern amenities and clinics
  • High quality diagnostic and care facilities
  • Tests are organised quickly and results are faster meaning you don’t wait as long for care and treatment
  • Guaranteed high standard of patient care and treatment


We practice out of the West Midlands with an option of medical consultation in Shrewsbury or medical consultation in Wolverhampton.

Our medical consultation Wolverhampton practice is close to the M54 and boasts private parking and excellent disabled access. We are set up across one floor and our clinic is comfortable, modern, and hygienic.

Our medical consultation Shrewsbury practice is a few minutes from the M54 and has modern, hygienic facilities, a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, and excellent disabled access. We also have convenient and free onsite parking to make your visit easier.For more location details, please visit our Locations page.

Specific Consultation Medical Service

Because we are a practice with many specialisms and we want you to be able to self-refer with confidence, we offer consultations for specific conditions. We offer a range of services for adults and children.


Short-notice appointments with our experienced Paediatricians who have years of experience within the NHS examining and treating a wide range of childhood diseases and medical issues. When it comes to your child, we know that their health is your number one priority so our paediatricians give you the proper time you need to fully explain the condition and to examine your child carefully. Our consultations cover respiratory concerns including asthma, gastroenterology, haematology and oncology, neurology, growth problems, bladder problems, allergies (in Shrewsbury) and feeding.

Memory Clinic

Our assessment centre can help provide early diagnosis of any cognitive problems and of memory difficulties, which can give a patient a treatment advantage. Early detection of dementia can mean treatments can be administered to slow down the onset of dementia.
Our clinic can also rule out other potential reasons from memory or cognitive difficulties.
We aim to arrange your initial assessment at our memory clinic within 7 days of your original enquiry. Without the long wait times associated with the NHS, you can receive a faster diagnosis and better care for the condition.

Assessments for Autism

It can take a long time to see an autism specialist through the NHS. If you are concerned your child may be on the autism spectrum (ASD), we can arrange a comprehensive assessment for initial diagnosis or a second opinion, followed by a specialist report.

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