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Although cysts can be surgically removed, cyst removal surgery isn’t generally available on the NHS as cyst removal is usually seen as a “procedure of limited clinical value”. However, if you choose to get a cyst removed, the process is relatively simple and we can help you arrange the surgery quickly and efficiently.

Skin cysts are common and usually harmless but can cause undue distress, especially if they are in a visible position. Cysts are a fluid-filled bump lying just underneath the skin. Cysts can be unsightly, affect your confidence, and they can be a nuisance, especially if they regularly catch on your clothing, you cut them whilst shaving or if they become infected.

If you would like your cyst removed and would like to be seen quickly, enquire with us today and we can provide you with a cost of removal.

Types of Cysts 

Epidermoid cysts are commonly found on the face, neck, chest, shoulders, or on the skin around the genitals. They can affect young and middle-aged adults and are particularly common in people with acne.

Pilar Cysts form around hair follicles and are often found on the scalp. They are more commonly found in women, but usually affect middle-aged adults. Unlike Epidermoid cysts, pilar cysts tend to run in families.

Regardless of the type of cyst, you can book an appointment with one of our GPs to help you decide if surgery is right for you. They will be able to advise you one what type of cyst you have, how it can be removed, and any other information you might want before proceeding.

Cyst Removal Surgery Process

Procedures used to remove the cysts will depend on the nature of the cyst and its location on your body. Most cysts are easily removed with a small operation done under local anaesthetic. 

During your procedure, a local anaesthetic will be used to numb the area where the cyst is located. Once the area is numb, a small cut is made in the skin. The cyst can then be removed safely without disrupting the skin around it by detaching it from the joining tissues and therefore decreasing the chances of it returning. Depending on the size of the cut, it may need to be closed with stitches, the wound will be cleaned and dressed, and it will heal on its own. 

You may have a small scar after the procedure and there is a small chance of the cyst growing back. Cysts on the scalp and around the genitals are particularly susceptible to regrowth.

Do I need a referral?

No, you do not need a referral to book a private cyst removal consultation or operation with our plastic surgeon led team.

Book Your Private Cyst Removal Today

It’s easy to book your private cyst removal procedure with our plastic surgeon led team. We offer quality cyst removal surgery, with state of the art facilities and excellent levels of care. 

You can book by filling in the contact form, emailing your enquiry to [email protected] or calling our reception team on 0333 9000 010.

What is
the cost?

Although Summerfield Healthcare is a private practice our fees are low cost and structured with you in mind. Initial consultation fees are listed below:

Photo Triage

An initial triage based on the photos you send us. This will determine the most suitable clinician and provide a guide price for removal.



A consultation is required prior to removal, to ensure the lesion(s) is as described during the triage process and is suitable for removal on the day. Consultation and removal can take place on the same day if both clinician and patient are happy to proceed.


Cyst(s) removal procedure

The removal price is based on the presentation of the lesion, and the location on the body. Please note there is an additional cost for cysts located on the neck or higher, this will be discussed with you prior to booking.


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