What jobs can you get when you have epilepsy?

October 31 2021   |   News

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Having epilepsy is a cause of stress on its own. One thing that those who have epilepsy need to avoid is to have a stressful job, especially as stress can be a primary cause for seizures.

That’s why a lot of jobs aren’t suitable for people with epilepsy. A lot of working environments put people under a lot of stress, and some job roles and locations are simply not safe enough because of the risks involved if an epilepsy episode should occur.

So what jobs could be suitable for those who have epilepsy? Some employers can be very accommodating to those with epilepsy, making the range of jobs available wider. Here are a few suggestions of a few roles that could be suited to those with epilepsy or who are prone to frequent epilepsy episodes.

1.  Service Animal Trainer

Getting a job as an animal trainer is one of the ideal jobs available for epilepsy patients. It’s a stress-free job that pays well enough, and it doesn’t pose a risk.

Plus, some animals are trained to help people suffering from epilepsy and other similar conditions. If their trainer has the same condition, he’ll have a deeper understanding of his job, and he’ll know what other epilepsy patients need.

Most animal trainers work with horses and dogs. Others work with marine mammals, but those are uncommon. The job isn’t overly challenging; you merely train the animals to react to specific hand signals, along with some voice comments.

2.  Data Entry

Data entry is suitable for epilepsy patients because it allows them to work at their own pace. It’s also an independent job, which typically means less stress and less dealing with people that may trigger you.

The job is also not physically demanding, which is a bonus. All it needs is a high level of accuracy. If you have what it takes, it could be an ideal job for your condition and is often a role that can be done at home.

The job doesn’t come without its challenges, though. If you’re prone to focal seizures, you may pass through episodes of confusion, which will typically affect your work during the episode. In this case, you’ll need to step away from work until you’re ready again.

3.  Librarian

Libraries are a stress-free environment, making them perfect for epilepsy patients. Generally, working in a relaxing environment reduces the chance of seizures, and there’s not many places more relaxing than a library.

As a librarian, you’ll be responsible for helping guests find the books they need. You should also be aware of sources of information in newspapers, magazines, books, and whatever sources are available in the library.

Other responsibilities include organising sources, training staff members, handling volunteers, and planning library programs. It’s not an easy job, but it’s relatively low stress to make it manageable.

4.  Mental Health Counselor

Working as a health counsellor is suitable for an epilepsy patient because it is a controlled safe environment. In this role, you could well be surrounded by other health professionals, which is comforting in case a seizure occurs.

Mental health counsellors mainly work with groups, couples, or families to help them with mental health issues. These issues include emotional stress, relationship problems, and similar issues.

The counsellor will be responsible for helping clients manage their conditions, mainly stress and depression. A counsellor will help patients future decisions.

5.  Artist

Working as an artist might just be what an epilepsy patient needs. For starters, it’s a job with a flexible schedule, which is a bonus. On top of that, it can be done from home, which is typically a safer environment for the patient in case a seizure occurs.

Even if the job is at a studio, it’s still safer than regular job sites, with less potential hazards around, especially if it’s arranged for the patient.

Epilepsy patients need to stay away from stress, and art is the perfect way to do so. When you’ve indulged in beautiful paintings and refreshing colours, it’s hard to succumb to negative thoughts. Plus, it’ll give you a moral push when you manage to sell something you created yourself.


Choosing a job role when you have epilepsy can be more difficult, with options understandably being somewhat narrower. There are lots of things to take into consideration, including the workplace, which needs to be a safe place that’s ready for emergencies. The job also needs to be relatively stress-free, and obviously shouldn’t include anything that may trigger you.

Remember, there are a lot of jobs that may be suitable, depending on the degree of your condition. You just need to consider everything closely and go easy on yourself in terms of the role you aim to take on.

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