Private Vasectomy

Enjoy Your Family, Without Wanting To Add To It


  • Affordable Private Vasectomy With Experienced Surgeon
  • No Waiting List Or Mandatory Counselling Unlike NHS
  • Most Reliable Form Of Contraception For Men
  • Covenient Process- You Return Home The Same Day
  • No Effects On Your Home Life
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Private Vasectomy

Vasectomy is 99.9% effective at Preventing Pregnancy

After vasectomy you still have erections and produce the same amount of semen when you ejaculate – the only difference is that your semen does not contain sperm. Sperm will continue to be produced but are naturally re-absorbed by the body.

At Summerfield Healthcare your treatment is carried out by a team lead by Mr. Andrew Garnham, MB BCh, FRCS (Ed), FRCS (Gen Surg) a highly experienced consultant surgeon.

Summerfield Healthcare will only carry out a vasectomy using local anaesthetic and the process will take around 15 minutes.

For a couple of weeks after, most men experience discomfort and mild swelling, which can easily be managed with low dose painkillers.

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Who Can Have A Vasectomy?

Any man can choose to have a vasectomy, regardless of his circumstances. If you are in a relationship, we strongly advise you to talk this through with your partner.

If you decide to have a vasectomy, your partner’s agreement is not required.

Vasectomy should only be considered if you are certain that you never want children at any time in the future, even if your circumstances change. If you are under 30 and have not yet had children, there may be a higher chance that in future, you will regret having a vasectomy.

You shouldn’t consider having a vasectomy if you are under stress of any kind.

Consultation, Paperwork & Booking

All patients who choose to have their vasectomy with Summerfield Healthcare will have access to all the relevant information before the procedure to allow them to make an informed decision and consent.

You can have the option to discuss with a member of our team your reasons for vasectomy, and what the alternatives are.

You will be asked to complete a short medical questionnaire and have a short medical assessment.

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To book an private vasectomy is easy, choose to fill in the contact form, email your enquiry or call our reception team on 0333 9000 010. Summerfield Healthcare’s medical reception team are specially trained to deal with all enquiries in a professional, promptly & private manner.

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"Being a self-employed tutor means I can't wait to see a Doctor.

Thankfully with Summerfield Healthcare I was able to see a GP the same day.

I used to think that private healthcare was for the privileged few. Now it's essential for the self-employed."

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