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Neurological conditions can sometimes be difficult to recognise, and yet at some point in our lives most of us will experience one or more of these symptoms. Left untreated, these neurological conditions can escalate and become difficult to manage, not only for the individual, but also their families and carers and loved ones. 

Headaches & migraines | Dizziness | Funny turns |Fits, faints & blackouts | Weakness & Numbness | Seizures & epilepsy | Functional neurological disorder | Tremors & shaking | Movement Disorders | Multiple Sclerosis | Neuro-Inflammation | Neuropathies | Sensory problems (Tingling, burning, pins & needles) | Speech problems |Problems with balance

If you or anyone you know experience any of these symptoms, then a consultation with our Specialist Neurology Consultant is of value to you. If you would like a neurological consultation and be seen quickly, you can find the next available slot and book your appointment below.

Please note, the Neurology Clinic is only available to patients 18 and over.


Who will I be seeing?

We know that when it comes to mental health and neurological conditions, you only want the best medical professionals for you and your loved ones. 

We have a uniquely qualified specialist in Dr Sangeeta Scotton, Consultant Neurologist at Royal Wolverhampton Hospital. Dr Scotton is experienced in the diagnosis and management of an extensive range of neurological conditions, and has undertaken further sub-specialist training at the National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery in London, and the John Radcliffe University Hospital in Oxford, with expertise in the diagnosis and management of Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders.

Dr Scotton runs a specialist Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders clinic, a general Neurology Clinic and a Botulinum Toxin Clinic for management of conditions such as dystonia, spasms and migraine. Dr Scotton also has an active teaching role at the University of Birmingham as well as research role as principal investigator in the NIHR Clinical Trials Unit, and has published in multiple peer reviewed journals and received prizes both nationally and internationally in recognition of her work. 

What happens at our Neurology Clinic?

Before or during the first appointment at the clinic, our registered Nurse Specialists will contact you to complete a questionnaire designed to assess your condition ahead of the consultation. 

It is important to bear in mind that the questionnaires are designed to help our clinicians better understand each patient, and there is no pressure to perform well or get everything correct. 

Please bring with you a full list of any medication that you are currently on, and if appropriate, a witness to accompany you and detail any blackouts. 

In the appointment, Dr Sangeeta Scotton will review your medical and neurological history, discussing with you your symptoms and condition, providing you with treatment options, specialist advice and guidance and answering any questions that you may have.

If you require any additional care or suffer from multiple conditions, we can offer follow-up appointments to give you the support that you need. A follow up appointment is 20 mins, and is available after an initial consultation has been completed.

Why choose Summerfield Healthcare?

Summerfield Healthcare has a highly trained and specialised team working in our Neurology Clinic. With years of experience behind them, this team has helped countless patients with a diagnosis and treatment plan to improve their quality of life.

We have a clinics available in Birmingham, Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton, and we aim to see all patients within seven days of initial enquiry. We are flexible and sensitive to our patients’ needs, always putting your health and well-being first.

More information on neurological conditions can be found on the NHS Neurology page.

How do I book?

To enquire about our Neurology Clinic, please complete our contact form, call 0333 9000 010 or email [email protected].

Our team are specially trained to deal with your enquiry in a professional, private and prompt manner.

What is the cost?

Initial Neurological Consultation


Follow-up appointment


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