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The process of applying to adopt or foster can be stressful and time-consuming. Our team provides timely and complete medicals to give you peace of mind and keep the process moving smoothly. We have excellent communication with our clients and offer full support and medical advice where needed.

Successful fostering and adoption requires careful and timely medical reports. At Summerfield Healthcare, we understand the approach of the British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) to adult medical reports, we also understand the need for more foster carers and adopting parents. That is why we work with an expert team to create GP summary reports for fostering and adoption.

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Why do I need a fostering and adoption medical?

If you are planning to foster or adopt, you will need a GP to provide you with an adoption and fostering medical (a CoramBAAF Adult Health Report AH1) that will assess your current and long term health for suitability to become a fosterer or adoptive parent.

You also need a review every 2 years which takes place in the form of a further GP consultation and the completion of the CoramBAAF Adult Health Update Report AH2.

Some people raise the point that birth parents do not have any form of assessment before having a child. The reason for a thorough adoption process and medical is because adopted children often particular needs which can relate to traumatic experiences in their early lives, and parents adopting or fostering must satisfy criteria both physically and mentally in order to prove that they are suitable to foster or adopt children.

You can view your medical form and what’s included here: Please note these are only samples and your agency will provide you with a copy of the form.

Adult Health Report AH1

The CoramBAAF Adult Health Report AH1 is required when you first apply to adopt or foster a child. The medical consists of the following sections:

Part A is completed by the agency sponsoring your application.

Part B is completed by you, the potential fosterer or adopter, and is a series of questions about your health, lifestyle, and family medical history.

Part C is the adoption or fostering medical completed by a GP. During your examination we will need to do a few tests as well as ask you some questions about your medical history. You will need to bring your full medical records to this appointment. Your appointment will include:

  • Reviewing your medical records
  • Completing a medical examination including a BMI assessment (An ideal BMI is below 30)
  • Completing blood pressure and urine analysis
  • A muscular/skeletal assessment
  • General health and well-being assessment

When you come in for your medical, you will need to bring your medical records with you from your GP surgery. To access your medical records:

  • Contact your GP Surgery and request your full medical records.
  • Collect your medical records from your GP Surgery, or follow their specific instructions for accessing your records.
  • Bring your records with you when you attend for your Adult Health Report medical examination.

Summerfield Healthcare can provide the full AH1 medical for £150.00 from our clinics in Birmingham.

Adult Health Report Update AH2

Summerfield Healthcare’s GPs also provide the AH2 review medical form if you have already adopted or you are an existing foster carer.

The AH2 update report is less detailed than the AH1 form which is completed when you first apply to adopt or foster a child. The AH2 medical form consists of:

Part A– Your agency completes this section

Part B– Completed by you, an update on your physical and mental health and wellbeing

Part C– This section is completed by our GP who will review your medical records and your previous medical form and comment on any changes in your health which have previously been identified.

You must obtain a copy of your previous medical form AH1 and bring this with you to your appointment with our GP.

The total cost of your Adult Health Update Report AH2 with Summerfield Healthcare is £108.00 and we can complete this medical in Birmingham.

Summary Report From Appointed Agency Medical Adviser

We offer excellent services to adoption and fostering agencies who need to refer individual clients or multiple applications for the ‘Summary report from agency Medical Adviser’ section of the Adult Health Report to be completed.

We have a team of experienced GPs who already complete Adult Health Reports for various foster and adoption agencies, as well as the summary report for others as the designated Agency Medical Adviser.

· Turnaround time of 48 hours

· Expert advice and able to liaise with your panel if necessary

· Our GPs are experienced in completed the AH1 form and summary report.

· Pay-as-you-go patients welcome

We understand that there may be difficult decisions to make and we strive to give clear and concise medical advice that will help you come to the right resolution. We provide an informed and considered opinion and won’t make any sudden changes if challenging questions are asked. To enquire about our summary report service please email [email protected].

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Although Summerfield Healthcare is a private practice our fees are low cost and structured with you in mind. Initial consultation fees are listed below:

Fostering and Adoption Medical AH1


Fostering and Adoption Medical AH2


Summary Report from Agency Medical Adviser


the team

Dr Vivake Roddah

General Practitioner / Medical Director | Birmingham, Shrewsbury & Wolverhampton

Dr Vivake Roddah is a GP with professional interests in Dermatology, Minor surgery and Occupational Medicine. He completed his GP training in the Oxford Deanery and has had the opportunity of working with patients from many different backgrounds.

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