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Palmar Dupuytren’s (also known as Dupuytren’s contracture, or Dupuytren’s disease) is a condition that affects the tissue below the skin’s surface. This tissue, called fascia, thickens over time causing it to tighten and tense which pulls the fingers in towards the palm. People who suffer with Palmar Dupuytren’s will battle to straighten their fingers and the condition can gradually deteriorate.

Symptoms of Palmar Dupuytren’s usually start with lumps under the skin on the palm as the fascia thickens and forms knots. The more the disease progresses the more mobility and extension is lost in the fingers. The disease usually affects the pinkie and ring finger the most severely and is seen more commonly in men than women.

There is no clear reason for the onset of Palmar Dupuytren’s, but with the right treatment, the condition can be handled well, and flexibility and use returned to the affected hand.

Summerfield Healthcare has an experienced team of hand and wrist orthopaedic specialists in Shrewsbury who are able to diagnose and treat Palmar Dupuytren’s. We offer quick virtual consultations at times that suit your schedule, meaning you do not have to visit us in person until you know that we can carry out your procedure. Face to face consultations can be arranged at your request. You also do not need a referral.

Treatment for Palmar Dupuytren’s

The best treatment for Palmar Dupuytren’s is breaking or removing the knotted fascia cords that are pulling your fingers inwards. This can be done through needling or surgery.

Needling is a simpler procedure where a needle is pushed through the skin and then used to break up the tissue cord beneath. There is no wound so recovery is faster, but the symptoms are more likely to recur. Needling is also not always safe (we don’t really want to describe a treatment we offer as not safe) as it can’t be used too near to certain nerves and tendons or you run the risk of doing further damage.

Hand surgery is the best option for developed Palmar Dupuytren’s. Our surgeon will perform either a fasciotomy or subtotal palmar fasciectomy. Our consultant will talk you through your specific case and answer any questions you may have during an initial virtual consultation.

A fasciotomy is a surgical procedure to divide the thickened cords, loosening them to release the tension on your fingers. The fascia itself stays, but the contracture is released. A fasciotomy is performed under local anaesthetic and you will need to wear a splint following the procedure to help your hand heal properly.

During a subtotal palmar fasciectomy your surgeon will remove thickened fascia tissue to help your finger straighten out. Fasciectomies are done under local anaesthetic and depending on the severity of the condition you may also need a skin graft to seal the wound after the procedure.

A subtotal palmar fasciectomy is more comprehensive than a fasciotomy and is usually only used in more severe cases. It requires more recovery time and more physical therapy to restore strength and mobility to the affected hand.

How long does recovery take?

Although surgery is usually successful, most people find that they don’t have full hand strength after the surgery. Surgery will help with normal hand movements and will make daily tasks easier, but you are unlikely to regain full muscle strength and flexibility after the procedure.

About 20% of patients will also experience a recurrence of contraction and additional surgery may be necessary.

You will experience some pain after the surgery that can be treated with pain medication. 

Full recovery can take between 4 to 12 weeks depending on the severity of your condition and the type of surgery. You may also need to undergo physical therapy and wear a splint while your hand is healing.

Why choose Summerfield Healthcare?

When you book a consultation with Summerfield Healthcare, you can be assured of a prompt virtual consultation with our orthopaedic specialist.

There is no need for a referral and you can see a specialist without the long delays often associated with the NHS.

We accept self funding and insured patients.

Although we are a private service our fees are structured with our patients in mind and we run regular dupuytren’s contracture surgery clinics in Shrewsbury & Wolverhampton.

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We can arrange your dupuytren’s contracture treatment quickly and easily, simply book a virtual consultation with our orthopaedic hand and wrist surgeon online, email your enquiry to [email protected] or call our reception team on 0333 9000 010. An initial consultation with our orthopaedic surgeon is £199. Face to face consultations can be arranged at your request, simply let us know if this is your preference.

Summerfield Healthcare’s medical reception team are specially trained to deal with all enquiries in a professional, prompt and private manner.

What is
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Although Summerfield Healthcare is a private practice our fees are low cost and structured with you in mind. Initial consultation fees are listed below:

Orthopaedic (hand and wrist) consultation

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Palmar Dupuytren's Fasciectomy

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Dupuytren's fasciectomy
Post surgery orthopaedic consultation virtually (or face to face if specified by our consultant)
Stitch removal 10 days post surgery


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