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Most people will experience bone and joint pain in their lives. As your body ages, bones and joints deteriorate leaving you with all sorts of problems. Hands and wrists often take the force of injuries, including sports injuries and falls, with hand injuries accounting for nearly a quarter of workplace injuries. Hand and wrist pain can be especially problematic as it interferes with almost all daily activities.

A hand and wrist orthopaedic surgeon is specially trained in looking after the 29 bones found in the hand and wrist, as well as the tendons, muscles, and joints found there. At Summerfield Healthcare, our specialist orthopaedic department can help you identify the cause of pain or irritation, and can help you find the appropriate treatment, including medication, therapies, or surgery. No referral is needed.

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Why choose Summerfield Healthcare?

Our experienced orthopaedic surgeons in Shrewsbury offer affordable treatments for hand and wrist problems without long waits for appointments or referrals. We have short appointment times that work around your schedule and allow you to see a specialist quickly and conveniently.

There is no need for an NHS referral to see us, and we can offer virtual initial consultations followed by quick and easy arrangements to see a specialist for the right treatment. 

Our orthopaedic specialists can treat joint, muscle, and tendon complaints using both surgery and non-invasive methods. Pain and other conditions arising organically or from injury can all benefit from treatment, and the sooner pain is properly diagnosed and treated, the higher your chance of full recovery.

Hand and wrist pain and discomfort can be signs of underlying problems that can often be treated or managed well if they are diagnosed quickly. If you are experiencing any strange symptoms, pain, or discomfort, then it may be time to make an appointment with our consultants who will be able to refer you to a wrist orthopaedic surgeon or hand orthopaedic surgeon. 

Surgical options include:

Concerning symptoms include:

  • Tingling in the fingers or hand
  • Numbness in the fingers or hand
  • Hand pain – both gradual and quick onset
  • Arthritis
  • Any concerning lumps and bumps under or on the skin
  • Swelling
  • Tendon problems
  • Existing hand injuries that are still causing problems
  • Grooved nails
  • Burning pain in hands

Summerfield Healthcare has a team of qualified and professional orthopaedic hand and wrist specialists who can help you get back to your normal life as quickly as possible. You do not need a referral. We offer virtual consultations but face to face appointments can be arranged where requested.

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Although Summerfield Healthcare is a private practice our fees are low cost and structured with you in mind. Initial consultation fees are listed below:

Orthopaedic Hand and Wrist Consultation

Virtual consultation with our experienced orthopaedic surgeon (face to face appointments can be arranged at your request).
No referral needed


Carpal Tunnel Release (Bilateral)


Carpal Tunnel Release (Unilateral)


Dupuytren's Fasciectomy


Ganglion Excision


Trigger Finger Release


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Dupuytren’s Contractures

Palmar Dupuytren’s affects roughly 5% of the population and is a disease that affects the fascia tissue below the skin in the palms. Patients with palmar dupuytren’s experience fascia thickening, which forms knots and causes the fingers to contract towards the palm. The condition prevents you from opening your fingers and, if left untreated, can result in permanent immobility. A surgical procedure can be carried out by our hand and wrist orthopaedics team to release the contraction and restore flexion to the affected fingers.

Ganglion Excision

Ganglions are fluid-filled cysts that usually form on or near joints and tendons on the wrist, hands, and fingers. Although they are usually harmless, they can start to cause pain and discomfort or make you feel self-conscious due to their appearance. Ganglion cysts can be treated by draining the fluid or removing the cyst through minor surgery. Our experienced hand and wrist orthopaedic surgeons can perform this surgery in Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton

Trigger Finger Release

Trigger finger is a frustrating condition that prevents a person from either straightening or bending their finger (or thumb) properly. It is caused by inflammation around the tendons in the finger and can be treated with a simple surgery to open up the space around the tendon to allow it to move freely again. A treatment plan might be put in place before surgery is recommended. Our orthopaedic specialists will be able to advise you on the best and safest course of action to restore full finger or thumb functionality.

Carpal Tunnel Release

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition that is caused by pressure on the median nerve which runs down the arm and into the hand. Severe carpal tunnel syndrome can impair movement and cause a lot of pain. Our orthopaedic hand and wrist surgeons can perform a surgery known as carpal tunnel release to alleviate the pressure on the median nerve to reduce pain and restore movement.

the team

Mr Piers Moreau

Mr Moreau is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon with over 30 years surgical experience, just under 20 of which are at consultant level on the specialist register. Specialising in disorders of the hand and upper limb, Piers is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, a Fellow of the British Orthopaedic Association and a member of the British Society for Surgery of the Hand. He is also a Faculty Member of the AO Hand and Wrist Group.

Natalie Coles

Natalie is our Clinical Services Manager and supports our healthcare team to run their clinics effectively. Natalie manages the team through supervision, training and development and assists the head of…

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