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We are now a member of Shropshire Chamber!

Dave Edwards, representing Summerfield Healthcare

Summerfield Healthcare joins Shropshire Chamber

Our team at Summerfield Healthcare is delighted to be playing a leading role in the local community – so you can imagine just how pleased we are to bring you the news that we are now a member of the Shropshire Chamber.

Shropshire Chamber is vitally important as a focal point of the county business community, supporting companies of all sizes – something which has been particularly vital through what has been the most difficult of years.

Development and expansion

As a successful company ourselves, we recognise the importance of the Shropshire Chamber and the role it is playing – which is why we view our membership as the next logical step in our continued development and expansion.

The chamber provides the ideal opportunity for firms to get together, exchange views and ideas, create new contacts and develop valuable connections which benefit all parties.

Networking events

David Edwards, our UK Sales Manager, will be the face of the company at future networking events and is really looking forward to meeting chamber members over the coming year.

Our top priority is still providing easy access to quality private healthcare through a range of services and we are working hard to help businesses and individuals meet their healthcare needs.

Healthcare services

We offer a full package of healthcare services, including:

Women’s Health Clinic

We were also delighted to launch our Women’s Health Clinic shortly before lockdown last March. It is offering women advice and support across a full range of health issues, including the menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy as well as cervical smear appointments, Wellwoman appointments and general GP appointments.

Our Shrewsbury clinic will continue to support businesses and individuals this year to meet their needs and we plan to expand our mental health offering as the NHS and GPs across the country find their time increasingly taken up with the large scale COVID vaccine roll out – which will hopefully help bring this dreadful pandemic to an end.

Occupational Health

We are also working very hard with our sister company My Occ Health, providing online occupational health assessments for employers of all sizes on a pay-as-you-go basis – an important service which an increasing number of businesses are finding hugely beneficial.

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