Mental health in the spotlight!

May 11 2021   |   News

Mental Health Awareness Week is a great opportunity to encourage involvement and promote the ongoing fight for good mental health!

Concerns over mental health are increasing – a situation made worse during a year of three COVID lockdowns and many people having to face-up to long periods of isolation. It has also meant greatly reduced access to the NHS, creating a major impact on those experiencing dementia symptoms. 

Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, Mental Health Awareness Week runs from May 10th to the 16th and aims to inspire more people to connect with nature, a recognised ‘therapy’ for those seeking to improve or maintain their mental health.

An important week

The week also provides an ideal opportunity for us to highlight the growing numbers of dementia cases, worsened by COVID, and stress the importance of seeking help early as early diagnoses and swift intervention can delay the disease developing.

Dr Chandra Basavaraj, Summerfield Healthcare Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist, said:

“The pandemic has been a challenging time for people who have dementia – including those yet undiagnosed. Waiting lists have grown due to cancellations and, in some areas, it is as long as two years. 

“This means in many cases it might be too late for any intervention. Patients diagnosed early enjoy a better quality of life due to various interventions, including medication, brain training/stimulating activities etc. It also means that most can still get their finances and estates in order, which is not possible if dementia starts to worsen.”

Dementia in later life is costing the UK £26.3bn and while there is no cure, identifying the condition early is essential and means more can be done to delay its progress before it is too late. 

Help is available

We operate popular Memory Clinics at Summerfield Healthcare where Dr Chandra Basavaraj and his team of highly qualified mental health nurses provide a full assessment and diagnosis of memory problems. 

No referrals are necessary and we offer quick appointments with no lengthy waiting times. This service and swift action at an early stage gives our patients an advantage if their memory difficulties should turn out to be diagnosed as the onset of dementia 

This has become even more important during a pandemic which has severely restricted access to NHS care as millions of people have experienced or seen loved ones experience mental health problems.   

At a time when already fragile mental health will have plummeted for many and support networks have been unavailable, it’s vitally important to recognise the symptoms. Mental Health Awareness Week gives us the chance to raise awareness of the issues and offer solutions to help you do something about it.  

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