Mail order PPE kits helping to keep businesses working

May 21 2020   |   News

Hygiene and the need to minimise the risk and spread of infections has never been more important.

Firms need to ensure employees remain safe and healthy – it’s vital not only for staff wellbeing but for a successful business.

Safety is the watchword and employers must make sure they have steps in place to instil confidence in their workforce by limiting the chances of any infection which would result in time off work.

Remaining operational and productive is at the very core of a thriving business and having staff off work does nothing to help that process. That is why basic hygiene and prevention of infection are now featuring high on any company’s list of priorities.


How can we help?


Summerfield Healthcare, in partnership with My Occ Health, has produced a must-have mail-order kit of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies which will be delivered to your door – and it’s available now.

The cost of PPE is going up on a weekly basis and as we near the end of lockdown UK-based supplies will be under pressure. There is also limited availability and all points create an urgency.

The PPE in a box is designed to help keep your business operating at peak efficiency while providing the added layer of safety to bring employee confidence to the workplace and minimise the effects of absenteeism.

The Workplace Starter Kit is recommended quality PPE equipment for five employees for five days and includes:

  • One infrared thermometer
  • 50 masks
  • 100 pairs of gloves
  • Five hand sanitisers.

Having taken delivery of your starter kit, we also have a PPE Top-Up Kit available.

These tried and tested kits are approved by our medical professionals and provide the essential items needed to reduce the risk of spreading germs.

As more and more people return to work after lockdown, businesses are realising they need to act in limiting the risk and spread of infections – and not just because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Basic hygiene and protection are also important in preventing the spread of more traditional viruses which have an effect on employee health on a regular basis.

Our kits will help keep people healthy at work with the positive knock-on effects of keeping businesses operational. Check out the kits and order your PPE in a box by visiting