Summerfield Healthcare expands minor surgery services

September 17 2021   |   News

examining birthmark

At Summerfield Healthcare we believe you shouldn’t have to wait for the treatment you need – which is why we have expanded our minor surgery offerings.

Our minor surgery clinics are very much in demand as more and more people turn to Summerfield Healthcare, realising the advantages of private healthcare and our growing reputation of providing the highest quality of care available in the field.

Our commitment is to provide an easily accessible, affordable service without the lengthy delays which often accompany referrals to treatments provided by an overstretched NHS. There has to be a better option and we believe that we are providing it – something our patients agree with, too, judging by the invaluable feedback we get to the services we provide.

Convenient clinics

Appointments, consultations and surgery are available through our highly experienced team at our clinics in Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton and don’t require a referral – you can come directly to us . . . it really is that straight forward!

It’s all about receiving prompt affordable care which is convenient to you and providing the results you are looking for within the shortest time frame possible. Our minor surgery services include:

  • Lipoma removal
  • Mole removal
  • Cyst removal
  • Thread vein removal
  • Skin tag removal
  • Wart and verruca removal
  • Vasectomy

Many minor surgeries are deemed to be Procedures of Limited Clinical Value which often make them difficult to obtain through the NHS and those that may be available are often subjected to lengthy delays.

In the case of skin conditions this can also pose problems to mental health and wellbeing. These conditions are often unsightly, leading to heightened self-consciousness and concerns over appearance.

This is something easily and quickly addressed through a minor surgical experience carried out by one of our expert surgeons in the comfortable surroundings of one of our clinics.

We also have a new surgeon joining our surgical team later this month, we will keep you posted with more information about the services she provides. At Summerfield Healthcare we aim to provide the best possible care throughout the process, from initial consultation to top quality aftercare and recovery.