Summerfield Healthcare’s exclusive offer as part of Shrewsbury Half Marathon sponsorship

September 28 2021   |   News

marathon runners

The Shrewsbury Half Marathon takes place on Sunday, October 10th and we are delighted to be part of the event as one of the sponsors.

As part of this sponsorship and our ongoing drive to get everyone to recognise the importance of their health, we are excited to announce an exclusive offer for Shrewsbury Half Marathon members as well as providing free giveaways to runners on the day.

The half marathon is always well supported and takes in a mix of beautiful countryside, country lanes and the wonderful historic streets of Shrewsbury. Our sponsorship is part of our fifth anniversary celebrations and we are looking forward to seeing you all there – you will be very welcome to come along and meet our team in the event village on the day.

Great opportunity

The half marathon is a timely reminder of the need to take care of your health and the importance of having a medical even if you think you are in peak condition. We expect a lot from our bodies, setting targets high and working hard to achieve our goals, but it’s important to ensure good health is maintained to allow us to reach those targets.

A healthy offer

With this in mind, we have come up with a great exclusive offer for those attending the half marathon. Members and participants can take advantage of a half-price advanced health check with one of our experienced nurses from now until the end of the year.

Our advanced health check consists of a range of tests to screen your overall health, including blood pressure, glucose, lung capacity and cardiovascular risk assessment – and our exclusive offer doesn’t end there! We will be giving away advanced health checks to 10 random participants in the event. 

All our health checks include a bespoke traffic light report which gives you a full breakdown of your health, along with any areas you can improve, allowing you to make informed decisions about your health.

Runners who make the podium, three men and three women, will be offered our Platinum Well Man or Well Woman medicals, which are worth £449. These medicals are the most extensive health checks we offer at Summerfield Healthcare.

In addition to the tests included in our advanced health check you will receive a range of blood tests, ECG, 30-minute GP consultation, optional prostate, testicular or pelvic examinations and bowel screening among your tests. Your follow up will include a detailed report and a call from our GP.

Commitment to healthcare provision

Summerfield Healthcare is a private healthcare provider with clinics in Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton and is committed to providing accessible and affordable healthcare as quickly as possible.

Our clinics offer private GP appointments, minor surgery, health checks, blood tests alongside a variety of other services which are aimed at helping you maintain good health and wellbeing.

Our top priority is providing the highest quality of care and patient satisfaction and we like to practise what we preach – which is why three of our team will be participating in the Shrewsbury Half Marathon. It promises to be a great day out and we’ll see you there!