Do I need a medical before fostering or adopting a child or working in childcare?

October 19 2021   |   News

child adoption and fostering

Are you thinking about adopting or fostering a child, or maybe considering working in childcare? If so you may be unsure about whether or not you will require a medical examination.

Adoption and fostering are big steps to take and will involve life-changing circumstances – particularly if you are embarking on them for the first time. There will be many difficulties and challenges to overcome and the overriding priority at all times must be the safety, wellbeing and welfare of the child.

It can also prove to be an extremely rewarding experience for the many families who are able to provide the care and security for a child desperate for the stability of a loving home and more positive future.

Medical requirements

There are a number of standards to meet when going through the adoption or fostering process and it’s important the appropriate agencies are satisfied that you are fit and capable of taking on this huge extra responsibility in your life.

One of the requirements is a health assessment certified by a GP to accompany your formal application – whether that be for fostering or adoption. It will help to supply relevant information about your mental and physical health, which will assist the appropriate agencies in coming to a decision about your suitability in providing a stable, safe and loving home to a child.

The assessment will be carried out by a GP in around an hour and will involve a review of your lifestyle and medical history and a physical examination which includes a check of blood pressure, height and weight.

You may also be examined for early signs of any serious health conditions which may develop, such as cancer.

Medical assessments can be carried out by our experienced team of health professionals at Summerfield Healthcare at times convenient to you at our clinics in Shrewsbury or Wolverhampton.

On completion of your medical our assessment will be passed to the relevant agency where their own medical team will review the information and make recommendations as to your suitability to be considered for the scheme.

Working in childcare

The procedure is a little different if you intend working in childcare and are looking at:

  • Being a registered childminder
  • Becoming registered as a manager of childcare on domestic premises
  • Being registered as a social care establishment, agency or manager

In these instances Ofsted requires you to complete a Health Declaration form and a doctor to complete a GP Verification. This means your doctor checking the Health Declaration form against your medical records for factual accuracy and will not require a physical examination.

The Health Declaration form covers a range of questions which need to be answered about your physical and mental health, medical problems, degenerative issues, hospital treatments and consultations. For more about how Summerfield Healthcare can help you meet your medical assessment needs, call us on 0333 9000010.