Do I need a health check if I’m fit and healthy?

April 30 2021   |   News

It’s a common misconception that you’re required to be showing signs and symptoms of an underlying health issue in order to book in for a health check….

In fact, most of the individuals that book in for a health check display no symptoms at all.

Many people are guilty of neglecting their health and wellbeing at some point in their lives, but an annual health check can help you keep healthier for longer as well as being able to detect any early indications of an underlying illness.

What is a health check and who can have one?

A health check is a form of medical examination that typically involves blood tests, ECGs and other procedures to find out how your body is working and whether everything is as it should be.

Many of the individuals that opt-in for a health check do so for a variety of reasons such as investigating any concerning symptoms, preventing any future problems, and keeping an eye on their fitness levels and how their physical routine is impacting both themselves and their health.

What does the process entail?

The process varies according to a range of factors, for example your gender or whether you go through the NHS or privately.

We offer a number of different health checks at Summerfield Healthcare, from a nurse check right through to a full Well Man or Well Woman Medical. They can include blood tests, ECGs, STI tests, Covid tests and each comprehensive screening includes a consultation with a GP to talk through any concerns you might have about your health, as well as a follow-up phone call to talk through your results. 

Why would I get a health check when I am so fit?

Neil Orchard is a Shrewsbury based Personal Trainer and has been working in the fitness industry for a number of years. He recently underwent a health check after the period of lockdown.

“I was plodding along knowing full well that I put on a little bit of weight over lockdown,” he said. “I’d gone into full time daddy day care mode whilst my wife was working and my fitness had definitely been slacking off a little bit. 

“I was six or seven hours down on what I was doing previously.”

He booked in for a Well Man Medical – an in-depth health assessment designed specifically for men to help detect any medical issues at an early stage and to analyse various aspects of the body.

Starting with questionnaires intended to learn about his lifestyle and mental health, Neil’s medical included a variety of tests such as a BMI analysis, ECG, Urinalysis, a full blood count, analysis of his body fat percentage.

Upon receiving his results he discovered that his cholesterol and blood pressure were both up a little and that he was lacking in vitamin D. Since his test he has made some changes to both his diet and exercise routine and is beginning to feel more like himself again.

“In just a week of upping my exercise and focusing more I already feel much better and am committed to continuing to ensure I maintain it,” Neil added.