Annual health checks all the more important!

March 02 2021   |   News

Our health has been on our minds constantly since March last year.

A cough or a temperature sparks anxiety not only due to the risk of COVID but also due to the risk of transmission to others – but our health is important all the time, and prevention is key to ensuring we remain healthy and do all we can to prevent illness.

It’s amazing how many people ignore the basics when it comes to health and wellbeing and looking after themselves so take a moment to think about the benefits of a health MOT and make YOUR health a top priority.

Why it’s important

Our team is busy delivering annual health checks and health assessments at our clinics in Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton to help people of all ages stay well by talking about health and finding problems early. 

We are providing a tailor-made individual package within our Well Woman and Well Man services – specifically designed to ensure men and women can keep their health on track and prevent avoidable illness.

As we come out of lockdown we wanted to remind you of the importance of getting a medical to ensure there are no problems or to identify any issues there may be through an all-important early diagnosis.

Detect issues at an early stage

A Well Man or Well Woman health MOT is an in-depth health assessment which helps detect any medical issue at an early stage which provides peace of mind and access to prompt treatment. This can include:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes 
  • Screening for the many types of cancer which can affect men and women. 

Our Gold and Platinum packages offer a comprehensive range of checks and appointments at a time to suit you.

Report for your GP

A detailed report is quickly available and we ensure there is always enough time during appointments to discuss results and any action that may be required with our GPs. It means we are in the best position to answer your questions, provide quick treatments and referral pathway options, both private and through the NHS, if we identify something which may require immediate attention.

Worrying about your health can cause great anxiety and if you have any concerns you will want the reassurance of sorting it out quickly. One simple way of staying ahead of the game is to have an annual healthcheck.

The pandemic and barriers to the NHS

We know the pandemic has resulted in people focusing more on their health, monitoring how they feel and ensuring they are careful when it comes to the spreading of germs, but we also know that the barriers to NHS care has led to some people, who may have worries about other aspects of their health, not speaking to medical experts.

Our GP clinics remain available but an annual healthcheck can reassure you that you are on the right track, or will spot the early signs of something that may need a change in lifestyle, or a referral to a GP or consultant.