Mens’ Health Clinic

Weekend Health Assessment with our Doctor

If like many of us, you neglect giving your body the care it deserves because you simply do not have the time, whether it be due to work or family commitments, Summerfield Healthcare can help. Our mens’ health clinic which still has limited availability on Saturdays this weekend provides you with a thorough medical examination detecting any hidden health issues you may have, as well as offering reassurance and advice from an experienced medical professional.
Summerfield Healthcare currently offer a premium tiered plan of healthcare options: Bronze, Silver and Gold medical examination check ups are available depending on what suits you.

You can find out what tests are included in each plan using our table below. To book your well man check up choose to either use our contact form, or call or email our friendly booking team.

Which Plan Suits You?




Blood Screening Tests

Biochemistry RFT. LFT. Lipid

Cholesterol blood test

HbA1c (Average blood sugar level)

Vitamin D

Prostate antigen blood test (PSA)

Physical Examination

Peak Flow

Blood Pressure

Blood Glucose

BMI Analysis

Urine analysis to test for basic urinary abnormalities

Testicular examination

Prostate examination






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