Nurturing Kinesiology

Energy Therapy with Liza Colley

Liza will help you to:
Balance Your Nutrition and Digestion Systems
Remove Hypersensitivity to Everyday Antigens
Restore you to your Natural Sleep Patterns
Elevate Your Self Esteem
Improve Your Children’s Behaviour & Happiness
Reduce the Causes of Stress in your life

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Energy Therapy

Is great in that it offers, I believe, an alternative perspective to your problems and can help you get to the truth of the matter. Energy therapy removes your stress and trauma and calmly restores balance. This helps you achieve a greater degree of health & well being that creates positive change in your daily life. Would you not like your life to be easier & less chaotic? Would you like to feel happier & healthier? My talent lies in being able to individually tailor you a programme of recovery and self empowerment using all of the modalities I have trained in. This allows me to access your subconscious through muscle testing. “Liza’s dedicated & committed 1-2-1 approach is an expression of her warm & compassionate nature that naturally leans towards nurturing & empowering adults & children equally to find fulfilment & value through better health”. A.A. 2017

I warmly welcome and embrace all those drawn to work with me, offering my dedicated and loving commitment to find solutions energetically. I work with clients of both genders and of all ages. I specialise in babies, toddlers, teenagers, family dynamics, self-esteem and confidence issues. No problem is too small or too large. Please don’t sit there struggling with life, there is always a way, I promise. Big Hugs Liza x “

I also assist other Holistic therapists in supporting themselves emotionally & energetically.

What Is Kinesiology?

Muscle testing to find out what stress is in your energy system and gently removing it to create increased wellbeing. Advice on Nutritional requirements, food, digestive and environmental sensitivities. Identifying the impact of negative and intrusive energies on your energy field from other people and from your environment including geopathic stress and earth energies.

What is Vibrational Medicine?

Hands on Vibrational Medicine to restore balance and harmony in your energy system, creating deep relaxation. Identifying strengths and weaknesses in the vibrational rate of your energetic anatomy and returning it to harmony.

What is Energy Editing?

The removal of emotions, thoughts and fears, limiting beliefs from the subconscious created in times of stress and trauma. Release of negative habits, behaviours and thought patterns impacting negatively on your personal and business life. Removing blocks to financial abundance.

What is Crystal Therapy?

Identifying specific crystal vibrations needed by your energy system to restore balance and peace. A powerful and relaxing experience. Individual crystals, crystal layouts and crystal nets are used.

What are Access Bars?

32 points on the head, called Bars are reactivated to help us access our consciousness to perceive, know, be and receive. It’s like rebooting your computer so we function from a better place.

I look forward to helping represent Summerfield Health Centre where western medicine & holistic therapies can work together to achieve so much more for you, our clients. Teamwork by combining the talents of both fields is the way of the future.

Kinesiology Prices?

  • Please note initial consultations are typically 1 & 1/2 hours and cost £120.
  • Consultations can be for Individuals, Couples or Family Units.
  • Further sessions are typically 1 hour for £120
  • When 4 sessions are booked and paid for in advance 1 free session is given
  • Children’s sessions of an hour are £60
  • Earth Energetics £P.O.A.
  • I am very happy to run workshops and group events.

About Liza Colley

From a young age Liza has naturally nurtured and cared for others, be it the animals on the farm where she grew up, her younger cousins & sister 15 years her junior, or her twin boys born 2002, her daughter born 2003 and her son born 2005, or even those stopping to unload in the street. She is and always has been good at caring and nurturing the sick, listening to the problems and struggles of those lost & vulnerable around her. She does this with the non-judgemental joy of the loving & compassionate individual she is.

This led to her training as a holistic therapist to touch the lives of others beyond those whom she knows. She has extensively trained in many fields and continues to expand her knowledge: Kinesiology 2011, Crystal Therapy 2014, Vibrational Medicine 2015, Energy Editing Professional 2016, Access Bars Practitioner 2017.

Liza Says:

“What are you struggling with? What are your problems? How are you really?

If you have just run off a long list then there is really something I can do to help you.

Praise for Liza from her clients

“Liza, I love what you are doing and all of the positive energy that radiates from you. You’re such a loving and special lady.” S.H. 2017

“Mya is amazing- she is full of life again, laughing and back to being mischievous!” B.D. 2017

“Liza’s patience, kindness and just her way with children is beautiful. My daughter really looks forward to her Liza sessions. The improvements in just a couple of sessions has been very visual, I would highly recommend to anyone” A. Jones 2016

“Liza’s energy works is powerful. I went to see her after reading Michelle Lowbridge’s book Wealthology and discovering that Liza was one of the first people to train with Michelle. I felt conflict between what felt like two totally separate parts of my life. After working with Liza it feels as though things are falling into place without trying to force everything and I am finding overlap between the different things I do. I also took my 10 year old son because he has always struggled with sugar cravings. It was great watching Liza work with him and he has taken on board her suggestion to cut out sugar totally for a couple of weeks” H. D 2016

“The difference we have seen in our son is huge. Before he was a very frustrated and miserable child. After seeing Liza he is a much happier and contented baby” S.L. 2016

“Well my lovely therapist I’ve had two people visit me and I’ve visited two of my friends plus I went out last night and really enjoyed myself! So whatever you did it worked xxx” C.H 2016

“I took my 13 year old daughter to see Liza. She was amazing. Issues were resolved in no time. Katie enjoyed her sessions to which was a bonus! Thank you Liza, such a transformation, so grateful” N.W. 2016

“I had suffered for quite a while with red blotches, especially on my face, after contact with water. My friend highly recommended Liza and I was happy to think someone might be able to help. Little did I realise that after my first kinesiology appointment with Liza, that after only 3 days I could not believe my eyes, my skin was so different, no big red blotches!!! Liza has also helped me with other issues in my life and I’m still amazed with her work. This kind, beautiful lady is very talented, her work is accurate and precise. I feel lucky to have found you Liza. Thank you so much xxx” M.J. 2014

“I wanted to say a big “Thank-you” for all that you did in our session yesterday. I have felt so different since then – lighter, brighter, freer, more energy. Slept even more deeply than usual too.

I’ll follow all your suggestions – already cut back on the tea consumption!

The oils/essences that you gave me have had a huge effect – the smell is lovely and it has diffused throughout the house. Its been lovely to be greeted by it whenever I come back home.

Thank you once again – really appreciate what you did and the way you did it.” Mark


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