Advanced and comprehensive screening

Summerfield Health has partnered with Randox Health to provide the world’s most advanced and comprehensive full-body health check.

Summerfield Health uses Randox Health’s globally renowned state-of-the-art, internationally accredited testing laboratories and unrivalled bespoke reporting software to give you insights into your health that you can’t get anywhere else.

This information is then used by our doctors to provide you with a personalised health plan to help you live a longer and healthier life.

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What is involved?

In a 30-minute appointment with our healthcare professionals a detailed history will be taken alongside a simple blood and urine sample to calculate your risk of heart disease and diabetes; assess your kidney and liver function, check hormone and thyroid balance.
We will also review your digestive, muscle and nutritional health as well as much much more.

What is assessed during a Randox health check?

Personal health measurements

Full blood count

Iron status

Heart health

Diabetes health

Metabolic Syndrome

Kidney Health


Liver health

Pancreatic health

Digestive health

Nutritional health

Muscle and joint health

Bone health

Allergy evaluation

Infection and inflammation

Thyroid health

Male hormone health (if applicable)

Prostate Health (if applicable)

Female hormone health (if applicable)

There are two options for the screening – Summerfield Vital and Summerfield Advanced.

The results

Following your health screening, you will receive a detailed report opening with your results of interest, a summary of all the tests that are either positive or fall outside the reference ranges so that they can be reviewed by a GP/Consultant to understand their relevance to your health.

Each result is then detailed within the report alongside a full explanation of what that result means.

Ongoing care

This extensive health check gives you an in-depth dive into your health and we can provide you with any private referrals or prescriptions that you may require as a result.

The package includes a consultation where a healthcare professional can take you through your results and plan any action that is needed for you.

What is
the cost?

Although Summerfield Healthcare is a private practice our fees are low cost and structured with you in mind. Initial consultation fees are listed below:

Appointment (30 minutes)


the team

Dr Vivake Roddah

General Practitioner / Medical Director

Dr Vivake Roddah is a GP with professional interests in Dermatology, Minor surgery and Occupational Medicine. He completed his GP training in the Oxford Deanery and has had the opportunity of working with patients from many different backgrounds.

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