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Many people are guilty of neglecting their health at some point in their lives, but an annual health check can help keep you healthy for longer as well as detect any early signs of illness.

Regular health checks, or screenings, involving blood tests, ECGs and other relevant procedures, are not readily available on the NHS but can provide important information and reassurance at any age. They can also detect serious problems such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease which pose a higher risk to those of a more mature age.

If you know you have a family history of high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, or diabetes, then it is always good to start getting health screenings regularly. You can also benefit from a medical check up if you are generally feeling run down or sickly.

At Summerfield Health we offer a range of health checks and tests to help you better understand and take care of your health. From general health checks to more specific blood tests, STI tests, and Covid tests, you can book a health check-up or test with us quickly and easily without a referral and without a long waiting time for your appointment.

Well Woman Medical

If you’ve been making healthy lifestyle choices, keep it up in your 40s, and if you haven’t, now is the time to start with Summerfield Healthcare.
Our well woman medicals are designed specifically for women and we have different packages to suit your needs. These comprehensive screenings include time with a female GP to talk through any concerns you might have about your health, as well as a follow-up phone call to talk through your results.
Yearly check-ups can greatly reduce the chance of undetected conditions. In addition to detecting any problems, our clinicians can also advise you on lifestyle habits that will either help you stay healthy or help you reach your health goals.

Well Man Medical

Well Man Clinic helping you keep an eye on your health. We recognise the reluctance of men to attend their GP and offer a tailored health screening to suit you.
Our well man medicals are suitable for men of any age and with different packages on offer, we cater to different needs as well. These comprehensive screenings include time with a GP to talk through any concerns you might have about your health, as well as a follow-up phone call to talk through your results.
We like to compare our well man medical to an MOT – even if there is nothing wrong, you want to make sure you know what’s going on inside so that you can take better care of it and spot any underlying conditions. Having an annual well man medical can help detect problems, but they can also help you to develop healthy habits to stay at optimum health or reach your health goals.

Health Screenings

Comprehensive and affordable nurse-led health checks for you and your family in the West Midlands. Annual health MOTs provide excellent reassurance of your state of health, and continuation of care.
We offer various packages to suit your needs and all of our health screenings have dedicated time with a consultant for you to properly discuss your health and any concerns you might have. We also include a follow up call and can facilitate any necessary follow-up tests or treatments after your health screening.

Blood Tests

We offer a wide range of blood tests in Birmingham, Cardiff, Shrewsbury & Wolverhampton without the wait and with no GP referral.
Blood tests are vital in detecting many health issues. If you are feeling run down, are concerned about a condition you have or have had in the past, or if you want reassurance about your health, then book a blood test with us.
Our blood tests are quick and simple and there is flexibility to book around your schedule.