Full Child Diagnostic Assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)


Have you been told your child needs an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) assessment and you could have to wait months to see a specialist?

Do you have concerns following a previous assessment or diagnosis and would like a second opinion?


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We are a team of experienced clinicians who are committed to providing a comprehensive assessment, resulting in a reliable and validated diagnosis.

Having understood the challenges families are facing when undertaking the ASD diagnoses process, we ensure families are given support from their first contact with us. We are also dedicated to ensuring families are not left feeling unsupported on completion of a diagnostic assessment, offering ongoing support and guidance as part of our core service.

What is the process?

Our multidisciplinary team will undertake three meetings or assessments as part of the diagnosis process:

(All meetings, assessments, reports and support are included in the total fee below)

Stage One

For the first 90-minute appointment, our clinician will meet with you and your child and undertake the first part of the diagnostic assessment. During this time your child will take part in several fun activities which have been carefully designed to assess their communication, interaction, play and behaviour. Our clinic setting has been designed to feel relaxed and unintimidating.

At this stage our clinician will be able to advise you whether or not the full assessment is still recommended or alternatively give you recommendation for another service.

Stage Two

Our clinician will then hold a Parent Interview which is used to gather information about your child’s development, this can take up to three hours.

Stage Three

We will undertake a school observation in order to see how your child communicates and interacts with their peers and adults. In the event that your child is not currently in school, we will work with you to arrange an appropriate alternative as it is important for our clinicians to see your child in a setting different to a clinic.

Feedback Meetings – Our clinicians will hold two feedback meetings with you to go through in detail the reasons for our decision and discuss the next steps, this may include a meeting with the school.

The Report – You will receive a report that contains a summary of the assessment and the outcome, along with our recommendations. If your child is diagnosed with ASD, you will receive a pack that contains information on how you can help your child. It includes contact details for local services that offer support, references for books and other resources.


What Makes Us Different?

  • We will ensure you are given support and guidance, even if it isn’t ASD your child is struggling with
  • Our assessments are reliable with tailored support
  • The practice of our clinicians is regulated by independent bodies, which means there are standards we must follow when providing care and which protects families
  • Parents can self-refer, and we aim to meet families within two weeks of receiving a referral (and complete the assessment four-weeks after the initial meeting)


Will my child’s diagnosis be recognised?

Our assessments are completed by registered healthcare professionals who are trained in diagnosing autism and our process in line with national guidance. A diagnosis made by us is as reliable as a diagnosis made by the NHS.


Further Support

Not sure if it is ASD?

Our clinicians are qualified to give advice on all developmental and mental health concerns, an initial appointment will allow them to point you in the right direction

Are you looking for an adult diagnosis?

We can also undertake diagnostic assessments for ASD for adults

Does your child already have a diagnosis?

We provide a range of ongoing support and therapies for children with ASD, call us now to see how we can help you.

Dr Lisa Williams

Lisa is a Clinical Psychologist and the lead clinician in Summerfield Healthcare’s Diagnostic Assessment. She has over 12 years of NHS experience and has specialised in the area of child development and mental health for seven of these. She has experience of working in three different ASD teams and has led on diagnoses for children age three to 18 years, both with and without a learning disability.

Having worked for a local NHS Trust, she has extensive knowledge of services in Shropshire and is an established member of professional network groups in the area that have an interest in ASD.

Lisa is committed to ensuring that children with ASD have access to the best care possible.

Contact Our Autism Specialist

Alternatively you can book your appointment by calling 0333 9000 010 or emailing enquiries@summerfieldhealthcare.co.uk.

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