Full Diagnostic Assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Are you worried that your child might have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?

Do you not want to wait several months to see a specialist?

We provide an assessment and diagnosis service and aim to meet families within one month of receiving a referral.


The Step by Step Process


1. Initial Consultation

A 90-minute appointment with you and your child to form a specialist opinion about your child’s development, and specifically whether they would benefit from a diagnostic assessment for ASD.

This is a screening appointment. We tell you what we think is underpinning your child’s difficulties. The outcome of this might be a recommendation for a diagnostic assessment ASD, or we might suggest a different type of assessment or a referral to another professional.

2. Diagnostic Assessment for ASD

This three-part assessment is for children who we have recommended a diagnostic assessment for following an initial consultation. It consists of:

  • Parent Interview: This meeting is for parents only and it is used to gather information about your child’s development. It can take up to three hours to complete this interview.
  • School Observation: This observation allows us to see how your child communicates and interacts with their peers and adults, in a setting different to a clinic.
  • Assessment in Clinic: We meet with your child for around 90 minutes and complete several fun activities with them, which have been carefully designed to assess their communication, interaction, play and behaviour.

3. Support following the Diagnostic Assessment

Feedback Meeting: We meet with you and tell you if your child has ASD or not. We go through in detail the reasons for our decision and discuss what would be helpful next. This is done across two appointments, to give you time to process what we talk about.

Report: You will receive a report that contains a summary of the assessment and the outcome, along with our recommendations. If your child is diagnosed with ASD, you will receive a pack that contains information on how you can help your child. It includes contact details for local services that offer support, references for books and other resources.

This support is included in the fee for a diagnostic assessment.

How does Summerfield Healthcare’s Full Diagnostic Assessment differ from other autism assessments?

  • Parents can self-refer, and we aim to meet families within one month of receiving a referral (and complete the assessment four-weeks after the initial meeting);
  • The assessment is multi-disciplinary and based on the opinion of more than one clinician;
  • We use the best available tools to complete the assessment and spend around 20 hours on each case, so parents can be confident in the outcome;
  • Our clinicians are trained in and experienced in all areas of child development and mental health, and can provide an explanation for your child’s difficulties even if a diagnosis of ASD is not given;
  • The practice of our clinicians is regulated by independent bodies, which means there are standards we must follow when providing care and which protects families.


Who is Dr Lisa Williams?

autism assessment & diagnosis from lisa williams and summerfield healthcare

Lisa is a Clinical Psychologist and the lead clinician in Summerfield Healthcare’s Diagnostic Assessment. She has over 12 years of NHS experience and has specialised in the area of child development and mental health for seven of these. She has experience of working in three different ASD teams and has led on diagnoses for children age three to 18 years, both with and without a learning disability.

Having worked for a local NHS Trust, she has extensive knowledge of services in Shropshire and is an established member of professional network groups in the area that have an interest in ASD.

Lisa is committed to ensuring that children with ASD have access to the best care possible.


What is the cost?

The initial consultation costs £360.00. You will at this stage be advised if a Full Diagnostic Assessment is recommended or referral to another specialist.

The Full Diagnostic Assessment for ASD costs £2,070.00.


Contact Our Autism Specialist

Alternatively you can book your appointment by calling 0333 9000 010 or emailing enquiries@summerfieldhealthcare.co.uk.