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Acne is a common skin condition, often affecting teenagers as their skin is adjusting to new hormone levels, but also prevalent in adults. Acne can severely impact your confidence and be difficult to properly care for without medical assistance.

Not all acne is the same and depending on the type of acne you are presenting with you will need different treatments. Over-the-counter or supermarket acne treatments won’t work for all skin types which is why it is essential that you see a medical professional who can diagnose your acne and treat it properly.

If you are suffering with acne, don’t wait to see a doctor. At Summerfield Healthcare we have an experienced nurse dermatologist who specialises in caring for and maintaining skin so that you can get back to your life with confidence and comfort.

Our private clinics offer remote acne treatment nationwide and appointments can be made quickly and at a time that suits your needs. There is no need for a referral, simply enquire online and we will arrange an initial consultation with our nurse dermatologist.

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Acne treatment case study

“I started to suffer with acne in my early 20’s, and every time I went to the doctors they’d put me on antibiotics, which got rid of it short term, but then it always came back within a few days of completing the course. And it came back worse and worse every time. It then took longer and longer to get rid of and every time it came back my mental health suffered.

I felt anxious, ashamed, and judged so I would cancel plans. it started to affect everyday life which made me depressed. My doctor finally took me seriously but the wait time on the NHS was so long.

Then I went to Nurse Ramshaw instead and she has been great. She is very knowledgeable, helpful and supportive. I have been on 40mg of Roaccutane for almost 3 months and my acne has drastically improved. When I wear makeup, nobody would ever know I even had any scars, let alone acne. I can’t wait to finish the rest of my journey on Roaccutane and get this acne gone for good!”

October 2020.

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What is acne?

Acne is most commonly caused by changing hormones. These hormones produce glands that release grease next to hair follicles, which in turn produce excess oils. When these oils increase, bacteria on your skin, known as P. acnes, becomes aggressive and causes acne flare-ups. The bacteria is usually harmless and is a natural substance found on the skin, but it can be aggravated by an increase in skin oils.

Those same hormones responsible for grease production can thicken the lining of hair follicles causing pores to become blocked with skin cells and other microscopic matter. Because these pores are blocked, regular cleansing and exfoliation don’t remove and clean the blockage.

Acne can also be genetic, with more people presenting with acne if there is a family history of it.

Usually, acne presents as:

  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads
  • Papules
  • Pustules
  • Nodules
  • Cysts

Although most commonly found on the face, acne can also affect your back and chest.

How is acne diagnosed?

Our consultant nurse dermatologist will inspect your skin during a video consultation and ask you some questions to diagnose your acne. 

Acne is divided into three categories to help with proper care and treatment.

Mild acne appears where there are some marks and spots but most of them are not inflamed

Moderate acne has more inflamed spots with a more even split between mild acne and more aggressive spots.

Severe acne presents with mostly inflamed spots as well as cysts. Severe acne is also usually more widespread and will have some scarring.

Acne is easy to identify upon inspection because of its pattern on the skin, however, because there are so many types of acne it is important that a dermatologist look at your acne to properly identify it. This is especially important if your acne is severe or aggressive.

What are the treatment options?

Contrary to what a lot of people believe, all acne can be treated or managed if it is properly assessed and you are given the right treatment options. A GP won’t always be able to accurately diagnose and treat acne, which is why you should seek expert dermatological advice from a medical professional who specialises in this area of medicine.

Our consultant nurse dermatologist will inspect your skin during a video consultation and ask you some questions to diagnose your acne. They will then be able to establish a bespoke treatment plan specific to your requirements.

For mild forms of acne you may be prescribed topical treatments such as cleansers or creams. If your acne is getting worse then treatment options are more broad and will depend on your unique skin and circumstances. Our nurse dermatologist  might prescribe any of the following treatment options for you:

  • Topical cleansers, creams, and ointments
  • Medicated creams, prescribed in various concentrations
  • Antibiotics, both topical and oral
  • Oral contraceptives – specifically for women. These help to balance hormones
  • Prescription medication, used in addition to lifestyle changes and specific skin care
  • Light treatment and therapy using specialised lasers

Treatments can take several weeks or even months to fully start working, so you will need to be patient with the process. Our nurse dermatologist will help you to see changes and benefits if you persist with your treatment.

You may also benefit from follow up appointments so that our nurse dermatologist can monitor any changes and adjust your treatment to match your needs. This can be discussed during your appointment or you can contact us to make another booking if you feel it is necessary.

What is the cost?

A half hour initial consultation with our nurse dermatologist is £170.00 and a follow up consultation is £100.00. There are separate fees for medications and blood tests, these costs will be discussed with you during your consultation.

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Booking your initial consultation couldn’t be easier, simply enquire online, call 0333 9000 010 or email [email protected] and a remote consultation will be arranged with our nurse dermatologist to suit you.

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Although Summerfield Healthcare is a private practice our fees are low cost and structured with you in mind. Initial consultation fees are listed below:

Initial Acne Treatment Consultation


Blood Tests and Medication

Blood tests and medication prescribed based on your individual treatment plan.

£45 per month

Follow Up Acne Treatment Consultations


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