COVID-19 Antibody Testing

During these uncertain times of the covid-19 pandemic, having as many facts as you can is both reassuring and helpful to both you and those around you. Summerfield Healthcare is committed to offering the best products to help in the ongoing pandemic.

One of the ways you can find peace of mind regarding the Coronavirus is by taking the Siemens Covid Antibody test. This test is more than 99% accurate and will tell you if you have previously been infected with the coronavirus, whether or not you displayed any symptoms. 

Having a private covid antibody test and knowing if you have previously been infected is helpful in several ways:

  • It helps the global and national collection of data to help progress the search for a vaccine and aids in our understanding of the spread of the virus
  • Although the virus is still being studied and there are a lot of unknowns, it appears that those who have previously been infected are less likely to be infected again, or will have slightly more protection against the virus*
  • All samples are analysed at a UKAS accredited laboratory and are more than 99% accurate
  • No long queues or wait times for bookings or results

What is the Siemens Antibody test?

The Siemens antibody test is proven to be one of the best antibody tests available and has tested the most accurately in both sensitivity and specificity out of all currently available tests. In studies, the Siemens antibody test had 100% sensitivity and 99.8% specificity – the two main measures of the accuracy of the test.

The Siemens antibody test is a total antibody test that tests the response of the immune system to the virus. There are 2 types of antibodies, those that appear in the first week after exposure (IgM) and those that appear 2 weeks after exposure and last for months, if not years (IgG). The Siemens antibody tests for a combined result, giving more accuracy. It does not, however, distinguish between IgM and IgG, so there is no way of knowing how recently you were infected.

Our private covid antibody test is performed by taking a small blood sample from your arm and testing it. The blood sample is taken in our clinics by our qualified clinicians before being sent to the lab for testing. You can book a covid antibody test in Wolverhampton or a covid antibody test in Shrewsbury and our staff will be happy to book around your schedule. 

The test does not pose any health risks and is a straightforward blood test.


Your results will not impact your current health or lifestyle, although they may change your eligibility for trials if you were considering taking part in one of the covid-vaccine trials. The results are for your own peace of mind and even if you have antibodies detected, there is no need to self-isolate or be concerned as the antibody test shows that the virus is no longer active in your system.

The laboratory work to a turnaround time of providing results the same day as they receive your sample.

Covid-19 Precautions

If you are currently suffering from Covid-like symptoms, including a new or constant cough, a high temperature, and a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste, please stay at home and follow government and NHS guidelines on self-isolating. 

In order to ensure the safety of both our staff and our patients we ask that you only book in an antibody test if you are feeling well. If you booked your test before falling ill, please phone the clinic and cancel your booking.

Book your antibody blood test

Although Summerfield Healthcare is a private healthcare provider, our priority is our patients and we have structured our fees to reflect that. Our private COVID-19 antibody tests are £99. You can book your COVID-19 antibody blood test online or over the phone:

*If your results shows that you have COVID-19 antibodies this does not mean you are immune to the virus. Please continue to follow government guidelines and take the necessary precautions to keep yourself and others safe.

What is
the cost?

Although Summerfield Healthcare is a private practice our fees are low cost and structured with you in mind. Initial consultation fees are listed below:

COVID-19 Antibody Testing

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