COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Testing

With the symptoms of COVID-19 sometimes taking up to two weeks to show in infected patients, it is rapidly becoming vitally important for swift testing of individuals who believe that they may have come into contact with the virus. This is especially important if you may come into contact with people who are vulnerable or in an at risk group.

Please click on the most suitable option below in order to obtain your Coronavirus testing kit

Express Courier Service - £299
  • Available in London and Midlands initially.
  • Medical courier comes to you and waits while you take the test.
  • Your test will be at the laboratory the same day.
  • Express courier service is added at the end of the booking.
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COVID-19 Test Kit - £249
  • Simple, easy self testing.
  • Mail order testing allows you to stay at home.
  • Quick turnaround guarantees peace of mind.
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Drive In Test Kit - £249
  • Multiple locations available
  • You will get an email to confirm your booking.
  • Complete the test within your car.
  • The sample will be taken to the laboratory the same day
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Test Kits for Business
  • Purchase on behalf of employees for business continuity.
  • Volume discount available.
  • Visit our Occupational Health site for more.
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NHS Test Kit - £199
  • Photo Identification required.
  • Mail order testing allows you to stay at home.
  • Quick turnaround guarantees peace of mind.
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International Test Kit
  • Now available for overseas shipping.
  • Priority courier to any country.
  • Orders despatched daily.
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Due to increasing demand on testing, we cannot guarantee the turnaround time of test results and customers must be aware that Summerfield Healthcare cannot be held liable for delays caused by the laboratory pressures or Royal Mail delays.

Our laboratory currently advises that results will be available within 2-3 working days and Summerfield Healthcare will make results available to you as soon as they are received.
Please note that advised turnaround times are only accurate at the time of purchase and may change during the period of receiving and posting your sample.

Live updates will continue to be published on this page regarding any reductions or increases to expected turnaround times.

How Reliable Is the Coronavirus Testing Kit?

Quality and assurance are at the heart of every aspect of Summerfield Healthcare.

We are registered with the Care Quality Commission to enable us to provide Regulated Healthcare Activities including Treatment Of Disease, Disorder and Injury and Diagnostics and Screening.

All the laboratories used by us are registered with various NEQAS schemes and accredited to ISO 9002 standards. CQC and UKAS accreditations are maintained through passing regular inspections and maintaining continuous high standards.

If you require further information on the quality of our service or the accreditation of our labs please contact


"Thank you so much for contacting me as soon as you had the results back from your lab. As you will appreciate, knowing it's Covid-19 coronavirus and not flu makes a very significant difference to how to conduct life from here on. We were very anxious to hear the news asap. Many thanks"

Coronavirus Kit User 13/03/2020