Business Coaching

Peter Bryceland works with senior managers and directors to give the mental freedom to perform in their roles in a more rounded way.

The two primary responsibilities of a leader is to have a clear vison of what opportunities there are tomorrow as well as focusing their people on what needs to be done today. Often, because you get so involved in the day to day, you can lose your intensity on the vision you once had.

Powerful, effective business coaching will bring your mind out of the workaday routine we all fall into thus freeing you to concentrate on why you have your role in the first place.

Learn to:

  • Inspire others through your actions
  • Challenge yourself with the Power of Commitment
  • Remove personal factors that are a barrier to your success

NLP Mentoring

The primary way Peter will affect these changes is through Neuro Linguistic Programming commonly known as NLP.

Although it has recently come into modern business practice, it is understood as sensory based understanding of language (“I hear what your mean” or “I see what you mean”) and thought of as sales concept, the truth is that NLP has far more depth.

NLP was initially developed as a way of discovering what made human excellence through the systematic modelling of how successful people experienced their world and how their language articulated their thoughts.

Through this greater understanding Psychologists were able to model what sets successful people apart, thus how coaching and mentoring could raise level of less successful people.

By discovering how to interpret your experience, you too can create better outcomes for yourself and those around you.

Change how you experience the world to improve your world.

What happens Next?

Initially it is best to call and arrange a free, no obligation coaching session so you can see for yourself just how well we could work together to make you number one in your field.

Once we sit down to chat together it will become clear whether we are a good fit, ready to move together.

To find out more about please visit Pete’s profile page.

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